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Version 1.0.6

Bugfix: class_prototype:add_reference{...} uses now qualified names in SQL queries to allow JOINs

Fixes in the documentation of slot.put_into and trace.debug

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File doc/autodoc-header.htmlpart

         color: #505050;
-    <title>WebMCP 1.0.5 Documentation</title>
+    <title>WebMCP 1.0.6 Documentation</title>
-    <h1>WebMCP 1.0.5 Documentation</h1>
+    <h1>WebMCP 1.0.6 Documentation</h1>
       WebMCP is a completely new web development framework, and has not been extensively tested yet. The API might change at any time, but in future releases there will be a list of all changes, which break downward compatibility.

File framework/cgi-bin/webmcp.lua

 #!/usr/bin/env lua
-_WEBMCP_VERSION = "1.0.5"
+_WEBMCP_VERSION = "1.0.6"
 -- include "../lib/" in search path for libraries

File framework/env/slot/put_into.lua

   slot_ident  -- name of a slot
   string1,    -- string to be written into the named slot
   string2,    -- another string to be written into the named slot

File framework/env/trace/debug.lua

   message     -- message to be inserted into the trace log

File libraries/mondelefant/mondelefant.lua

-        selector:add_where{'"$" IN ($)', {that_key}, ids}
+        selector:add_where{'$."$" IN ($)', {model:get_qualified_table()}, {that_key}, ids}
       if options.order == nil and default_order then