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Version 1.0.3

Important bugfix related to internal forwards (Bug was introduced by the restriction of views with underscore prefix in Version 1.0.2)

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File doc/autodoc-header.htmlpart

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         color: #505050;
-    <title>WebMCP 1.0.2 Documentation</title>
+    <title>WebMCP 1.0.3 Documentation</title>
-    <h1>WebMCP 1.0.2 Documentation</h1>
+    <h1>WebMCP 1.0.3 Documentation</h1>
       WebMCP is a completely new web development framework, and has not been extensively tested yet. The API might change at any time, but in future releases there will be a list of all changes, which break downward compatibility.

File framework/cgi-bin/webmcp.lua

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 #!/usr/bin/env lua
-_WEBMCP_VERSION = "1.0.2"
+_WEBMCP_VERSION = "1.0.3"
 -- include "../lib/" in search path for libraries
     if not request.get_redirect_data() then
+      request.process_forward()
       local view = request.get_view()
       if string.find(view, "^_") then
         error("Tried to call a private view (prefixed with underscore).")
-      request.process_forward()
         module = request.get_module(),
         view   = view,