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Add documentation note about LookupAlreadyRegistered errors. Fixes #28.

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+.. note::
+    You should only register your lookup once. Attempting to register the same lookup class
+    more than once will lead to ``LookupAlreadyRegistered`` errors. A common problem related to the
+    ``LookupAlreadyRegistered`` error is related to inconsistant import paths in your project.
+    Prior to Django 1.4 the default ```` allows for importing both with and without
+    the project name (i.e. ``from myproject.myapp import lookups`` or ``from myapp import lookups``).
+    This leads to the ```` file being imported twice and the registration code
+    executing twice. Thankfully this is no longer the default in Django 1.4. Keeping
+    your import consistant to include the project name (when your app is included inside the
+    project directory) will avoid these errors.
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