ESP8266 Blinking clock

Turn the $5 Witty Cloud Development (ESP8266-12E) board into clock that indicates time by blinking.


How it works

The Blink Clock blinks the three available LEDs to indicate the current time.

  • The RED LED indicates the hour
  • The GREEN LED indicates the tens digit of the minutes
  • The BLUE LED indicats the last digit of the minutes

For example, suppose the time is 3:47:

  • The RED LED will blink three times followed by a short pause
  • The GREEN LED will blink four times followed by a short pause
  • The BLUE LED will blink seven times followed by a long pause
  • Repeat..


  • Easy to read without glasses
  • Adjustable brightness (Automatic coming soon!)
  • Easy setup and control via WiFi
  • HTML5 Responsive Web Interface works on all devices
  • Programmable name for easy identification
  • Configurable timezone


  • Tell time in the middle of the night without finding your glasses

Checkout the wiki to get started!