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What types of files does Medio work with?

JPEG/PNG image files and MPEG/MOV movie files, as determined by their extensions: .jpg, .jpeg, .mpg, .mp4, .png, .mov, .thm, .avi

My source directory already has files in it, will those be processed too?

Yes, each time Medio starts, it will try to process any files already in the source directory. This means you don't need to worry about Medio missing things. Once Medio is up and running, it will process new files soon after they are placed in the source directory.

My source directory has subdirectories, will Medio look in those too?

No, it looks only in the configured directory, it does not recurse into subdirectories.

How exactly are the files renamed?

Medio looks at each of the following to determine a date for the file, in order:

  1. Exif:DateTimeOriginal
  2. Exif:CreateDate
  3. FileModifyTime

Once we have that, we move the file from the configured source directory into the destination directory, named with this format:

  • %Y = year. (eg. 2016)
  • %m = month number. (eg. 01 = January)
  • %b = abbreviated month name. (eg. Jan)
  • %d = day of the month (eg. 30)
  • %H = hour of day (eg. 15)
  • %M = minute of hour
  • %S = second of minute
  • %%c = Incremental counter in case two image names collide
  • %%e = Original extension (eg. jpg)

However, this is configurable during install time.

What if multiple files with the exact same date?

If you have two files taken in the same second, one will have an extra number on the end. For example, suppose you had two photos taken at 2016-01-12_10:30:00, they would end up being named: 2016/01_Jan/20160112_103000.jpg and 2016/01_Jan/20160112_1030001.jpg, etc.

Will Medio automatically create new directories for me?


What permissions are given to the albums Medio creates?

None. Album permissions are set in Photo Station. If Medio places files into an existing album, that file will have the permissions of the album. If Medio creates a new album (directory), it will be given no permissions. You'll need to go into Photo Station and set the permissions.

Albums created by Medio don't show up in Photo Station or DS Photo mobile apps?

Check the permissions for an albums in question in Photo Station. You may need to login as an administrator.