Synology Static Photo Gallery (SPG)

Synchronizes comments from Synology Photo Station to your original images
as EXIF, IPTC, and XMP attributes. Exports galleries as self-contained HTML
galleries. Synchronizes exported galleries to S3.

Take a look at the wiki to learn more about this package.

You can install this package on your Synology by adding as a Package Source in Package Center.

If you are interested in helping out with this project, please let me know, I will happily add collaborators.

Donations welcome: 128PqHs6hHLNXvBQaWYEbDowrTvrnRQ7df.



  • Make compatible with DSM 5.1+
  • Fix Python path detection
  • Fix Postgres user


  • Fix auth for DSM 4.3/5.0


  • bump version to 1.14
  • add favicon
  • fix compatibility with DSM 4.3 and PS6. Thumbnails are now named with underscores instead of colons
  • fix issue with comments that are in double quotes
  • fix issue #3: allow empty copyright
  • fix issue #5: don't error on export and S3 config if it's not enabled
  • add 2014 copyright