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Synology Static Photo Gallery


Fast, static HTML photo albums for your Synology DiskStation.


Synology DiskStation products have a photo album add-on tool called PhotoStation. It's pretty handy, easy-to-use, and accessible from the web or custom mobile apps. However, it has a few drawbacks:

  • Speed: every page load is generated dynamically and can be slow on the DiskStation hardware.
  • Consistency: Photo comments are stored in a database apart from the photos. Lose the database or move the photos and you've lost your comments.
  • Security: A DiskStation likely has important documents and backups on it, opening it up to the Internet to host photos makes it more vulnerable.
  • Persistence: PhotoStation will change and likely some day be replaced or obsoleted, taking all your photos/comments with it.

The Static Photo Gallery(SPG) augments PhotoStation to solve these problems:

  • Speed: SPG exports self-contained static HTML galleries. These galleries can be browsed from any web browser without a server, for example, directly from a DVD. Or, can easily be hosted with any web server. As such, can also be hosted in Amazon S3.
  • Consistency: SPG synchronizes the comments from the PhotoStation database and writes them to the original photos as EXIF, IPTC, and XMP attributes. If you then stop using PhotoStation or move your photos, your comments will move too.
  • Security: SPG static galleries don't require any exploitable server-side languages. Even better, you can host your galleries somewhere other than your DiskStation.
  • Persistence: HTML will likely out live PhotoStation, 10 years from now PhotoStation will be different, but your web browser will likely still read "old" HTML.

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