Cell is a CSS generator.

Write CSS classes in your HTML, and cell generates only the required CSS.

It is intended to help you focus on design by generating CSS you need, instead of manually (mis)managing CSS you might need.


Here's a quick example:

To get, say, a gray border around your header, use a predefined keyword for border "Bd" and give it explicit values in parenthesis "( )":

<header class="Bd(s,1px,#CCC)">Give this header a solid, 1px, gray border</header>

In terminal run:

$ cell index.html > style.css

Cell generates style.css (with special characters properly escaped "\"):

.Bd\(s\,1px\,\#CCC\) { border: solid 1px #CCC }


Just download the static binary anywhere and copy to somewhere on your path. e.g sudo cp cell /usr/bin/

An example cell configuration with recommended prefixing is available here

Anyone interested in packing Cell for a Linux distro is welcome to do so.


Q: What is cell built with?

A: Haskell

Q: How am I supposed to remember all those keywords?

A: You don't have to, you can reference them quickly at the reference site