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PE.2.0 / sdk-setup-linux-arch

SDK setup, for linux (arch)


  • Verify that you have at least 5GB of free space on your drive.
  • CISC architecture CPU (intel/amd)

Having a recent multicore processor and graphic card will speed up a lot the compilation time...

Automated installation

You can use the script but since it designed for Debian you need to comment out the first parts from update system (line 55) until system ready (line 74)

And just be sure to install these packages:

sudo pacman -Syu boost-libs freeimage freetype2 libxaw libxrandr nvidia-cg-toolkit zziplib ois glu tinyxml boost cmake doxygen graphviz ttf-dejavu mesa mercurial libxext libxrender libx11 libgl libxcursor alsa-lib libpulse libxinerama libxkbcommon libxrandr

The rest of the script can be followed with a twist:

For the SDL2 to compile, some flags must be added (around line 133)

cmake -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=../../sdk ../ogredeps/src/SDL2

must be changed to