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This is a PyPI mirror client according to PEP 381.


Until a release is ready, here's the way to go:

$ hg clone
$ cd bandersnatch
$ virtualenv-2.7 .
$ bin/python
$ bin/buildout

Use 'bin/bsn-mirror' to get started. It will create a default config file for you with reasonable defaults. Review it. Then run 'bin/bsn-mirror' to initialize the mirror and use cron to run it regularly to keep up to date.

Mirror vhost configuration

For nginx the config should look something like this:

server {
    server_name mymirrorname;
    root <path-to-mirror>/web;
    autoindex on;
    charset utf-8;

Note the charset utf-8! Otherwise the index pages will be served with an incorrect encoding. They will be correct but Unicode characters might end up looking funny.

Also, you need to make sure that the webserver uses UTF-8 to look up unicode path names.

Maintenance instructions

bandersnatch does not keep much local state in addition to the mirrored data. In general you can just rerun it to make it fix errors and you can force it to check everything by deleting the state files.

If you notice your mirror being inconsistent or you just want to cross-check, then:

  • delete the ./state file and ./todo (if it should exist)
  • run bin/bsn-mirror again to get a full sync

Be aware, that this might take hours depending on PyPIs performance and your network latency and bandwidth.

Migrating from pep381client installations

  • remove old status files
  • create config file
  • update cronjobs


If you have questions or comments, please submit a bug report to


This client is based heavily off the original pep381client by Martin v. Loewis.

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