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Capo is a simple wrapper for some Django pluggable applications. It comes as bunch of templates, media files, simple tools and management script capo-admin.

Django is a web framework written in Python and it strongly encourages developers not to break DRY principle. Following the advice, Capo makes use of already existing Django apps.


capo-admin is heart of Capo. Try it by running help command to see what it has to offer and don't miss it's own documentation. Here is only a list of available commands with summary for each of them.

  • help - prints help text
  • initenv [options] PATH - initializes new capo environment at given PATH.
  • manage [options] PATH - in fact, it is only a wrapper for standard Django management utility (


Installation of capo is very simple once you've installed prerequisites.

Install capo

After requirements are met, simply run:

python install

You may also install most recent development version directly from mecurial repository using pip:

pip install -e hg+


Want to try it fast? If you have already installed necessary packages you can start really quickly. All you have to do is to run following command: initenv mycapo

This command would create initial project structure, copy necessary media files and syncronize database (sqlite3 by default). Now you can start dev webserver:

cd myapo
python capoenv/ runserver