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{% extends 'cciw/bookings/standard.html' %}

{% block content %}

<p>After booking you have 24 hours to complete payment online, or the bookings
  will expire. If necessary you can go back and book other places and then pay
  for them all together.</p>

<p>Payment is done via Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account - any
  credit card or debit card can be used.</p>

<p> Please note that if you have recently paid, it can take a few minutes for
  our records to be updated - please do not pay twice!</p>


<p><b>Amount due: £{{ balance }}</b></p>

{% if balance == 0 %}
<p>You have no outstanding payments.</p>
{% endif %}

{% if balance < 0 %}
<b>We owe you this money!</b>. Our team will ensure that you are
  refunded this amount!</p>
{% endif %}

{% if balance > 0 %}

  {{ form.render }}
{% else %}
  {{ form.sandbox }}
{% endif %}


<p>If you cancel your place, your payment will be refunded, apart from the
deposit of £{{ price_deposit }}. If we are forced to cancel the camp for some
reason, you will receive a full refund.</p>

{% endif %}

{% endblock %}