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Handle flagged paypal payments

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 import re
-from paypal.standard.ipn.signals import payment_was_successful
+from paypal.standard.ipn.signals import payment_was_successful, payment_was_flagged
 from .signals import places_confirmed
 from .email import send_unrecognised_payment_email, send_places_confirmed_email
 ### Payments ####
-def unrecognised_payment(ipn_obj):
+def unrecognised_payment(ipn_obj, **kwargs):
 #### Wiring ####


 {% load url from future %}{% autoescape off %}
-An unrecognised payment was received from Paypal. Please
+An unrecognised or flagged payment was received from Paypal. Please
 check it at:
 {{ url_start }}{% url 'admin:ipn_paypalipn_change' %}
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