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File cciw/officers/

                ('Country', app_attr_getter('address_country')),
                ('Tel', app_attr_getter('address_tel')),
                ('Mobile', app_attr_getter('address_mobile')),
-               ('Email', app_attr_getter('address_email')),
                ('Birth date', app_attr_getter('birth_date')),

File templates/cciw/officers/officer_list.html

 <h2>Export officer data</h2>
 <p>The officer list above, along with address details from this year's
-  application forms, can be downloaded from the link below:</p>
+  application forms, can be downloaded below:</p>
-<p><a href="{% url 'cciw.officers.views.export_officer_data' year=camp.year number=camp.number %}">Download officer data, camp {{ camp.number }}, {{ camp.year }}</a></p>
+<li><a href="{% url 'cciw.officers.views.export_officer_data' year=camp.year number=camp.number %}">Officer data, camp {{ camp.number }}, {{ camp.year }} - Excel spreadsheet</a></li>
 </div> {# id=content-main #}