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Added cancelled bookings to account overview page

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         cancelled = self.get_query_set().filter(state=BOOKING_CANCELLED)
         return cancelled | (self.confirmed() if confirmed_only else self.booked())
+    def cancelled(self):
+        return self.get_query_set().filter(state=BOOKING_CANCELLED)
 class Booking(models.Model):
     account = models.ForeignKey(BookingAccount, related_name='bookings')


         # 3rd place, not booked at all
         self.create_place({'name': '3rd child'})
+        # 4th place, cancelled
+        self.create_place({'name': '4th child'})
+        b = acc.bookings.get(name='4th child')
+        b.state = BOOKING_CANCELLED
+        b.auto_set_amount_due()
         resp = self.client.get(self.url)
         # Another one, so that messages are cleared
         # Basket/Shelf
         self.assertContains(resp, 'items in your basket')
+        # Deposit for cancellation
+        self.assertContains(resp, u"Cancelled")
+        self.assertContains(resp, u"(£20 deposit)")
 class TestLogOut(LogInMixin, TestCase):


         year = get_thisyear()
         c['confirmed_places'] = acc.bookings.confirmed().filter(camp__year__exact=year)
         c['unconfirmed_places'] = acc.bookings.unconfirmed().filter(camp__year__exact=year)
+        c['cancelled_places'] = acc.bookings.cancelled().filter(camp__year__exact=year)
         c['basket'] = acc.bookings.basket(year).exists()
         c['shelf'] = acc.bookings.shelf(year).exists()
         return c


 <p>You have no confirmed places yet.</p>
 {% endif %}
+{% if cancelled_places %}
+<h2>Cancelled places</h2>
+{% for b in cancelled_places %}
+  <li>{{ }}, on <a href="{% url 'cciw.cciwmain.views.camps.detail' %}">camp {{ }}</a> (£{{ b.amount_due }} deposit)</li>
+{% endfor %}
+{% endif %}
 {% endblock %}
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