Luke Plant avatar Luke Plant committed ed73f80

Changed user-visible 'place details' link to less confusing 'camper details'

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-        ('place', u'Place details', logged_in and has_account_details,
+        ('place', u'Camper details', logged_in and has_account_details,


              (r'^v/failed/$', 'verify_email_failed'),
              (r'^account/$', 'account_details'),
              (r'^loggedout/$', 'not_logged_in'),
-             (r'^add-place/$', 'add_place'),
-             (r'^edit-place/(?P<id>\d+)/$', 'edit_place'),
+             (r'^add-camper-details/$', 'add_place'),
+             (r'^edit-camper-details/(?P<id>\d+)/$', 'edit_place'),
              (r'^places-json/$', 'places_json'),
              (r'^account-json/$', 'account_json'),
              (r'^all-account-json/$', 'all_account_json'),


 class BookingAddPlace(BookingEditAddBase, BaseCreateView):
     __metaclass__ = AjaxMroFixer
-    metadata_title = u"Booking - add new place"
+    metadata_title = u"Booking - add new camper details"
     form_class = AddPlaceForm
 class BookingEditPlace(BookingEditAddBase, BaseUpdateView):
     __metaclass__ = AjaxMroFixer
-    metadata_title = u"Booking - edit place"
+    metadata_title = u"Booking - edit camper details"
     form_class = AddPlaceForm
     def post(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
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