cciw-website2 / templates / cciw / forums / poll_vote_box.html

{% load forums %}
{% if show_form %}
<div class="pollVoteBox">
  <form action="{{ action_url }}" method="post">{% csrf_token %}
  <div><h{{ heading_level }}>{{ poll.title }}</h{{ heading_level }}>
  {{ poll.intro_text|bb2html }}
  {% for polloption in poll.poll_options.all %}
      ><input type="radio" id="poll_{{ topic.poll_id }}_{{ }}" name="polloption" value="{{ }}" 
      />&nbsp; <label for="poll_{{ topic.poll_id }}_{{ }}">{{ polloption.text|bb2html }}</label
  {% endfor %}
  {{ poll.outro_text|bb2html }}
    <input type="submit" name="vote" value="Vote" />
{% else %}
  {% if message %}<div>{{ message }}</div>{% endif %}
  {% if login_link %}&laquo; <a href="{{ login_link }}">Log in to vote</a> &raquo;{% endif %}
{% endif %}
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