Luke Plant committed fd09080

Include description of Sunday events on 'this sunday' page, to allow for
important notices about upcoming Sunday.

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       <h2>{{ event.start|date:"F j, Y" }}</h2>
     {% endifchanged %}
   <p><b>{{ event.nice_time }}:</b> {{ event.summary }}</p>
+    {% if event.description %}
+      <p><strong>{{ event.description }}</strong></p>
+    {% endif %}
   {% endfor %}
 {% endif %}


         # not part way through, so truncate hour to zero.
         today =
         raw_events = search(cal, today, today + timedelta(7))
-        events = [Event(vevent.summary.value, dt)
+        events = [Event(vevent.summary.value, dt,
+                        description=vevent.description.value
+                        if hasattr(vevent, 'description') else None)
                   for (dt, vevent) in raw_events]
         c['events'] = events
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