Compact Language Detector

* Last README's Update: 05/22/2012
* License: BSD-style license, same as Chromium's (see `COPYING`).
* Website:
* Authors: see `AUTHORS`.
* Development Source: hg clone 


This package contains the CLD (Compact Language Detection) library,
extracted from the source code for Google's Chromium library at
specifically revision 105735.

There are two components:

  * A standalone C++ library (libcld.a), which you can use
    from any C++ program.

  * Simple Python bindings around that library. See `bindings/python/README` for details.

Some adaptation is made from the original code though we are trying to follow upstream commit and will merge changes when interesting.

One source file has been removed
(encodings/compact_lang_det/win/ it wraps CLD,
adding a utility method to convert from UTF16 to UTF8, and normalize
text using ICU.  This means such conversion and normalizing will have
to be done by the apps using this library.

There is also a simple showing basic usage from C++ code.

Finally: I'd like to thank Google and the Chromium team and the
original Google toolbar authors for 1) creating CLD in the first
place, 2) open-sourcing it, and 3) choosing a generous LICENSE for the
source code.

Your ideas will go further if you don't insist on going with them!