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Made heading offsetting configurable.

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 ``CMS_MARKUP_TRAC_COMPONENTS`` configures which additional Trac plugins (components) should be enabled. They should of course be in Python path.
+``CMS_MARKUP_TRAC_HEADING_OFFSET`` configures the heading offset when rendering wiki syntax. Useful when you are including wiki content inside some other content with existing headings. Default is 1 which means that ``= Heading =`` becomes ``<h2>Heading</h2>``.

File cmsplugin_markup_tracwiki/

 class DjangoFormatter(wiki.formatter.Formatter):
     def _parse_heading(self, match, fullmatch, shorten):
         (depth, heading, anchor) = super(DjangoFormatter, self)._parse_heading(match, fullmatch, shorten)
-        depth = min(depth + TRACWIKI_HEADER_OFFSET, 6)
+        depth = min(depth + getattr(settings, 'CMS_MARKUP_TRAC_HEADING_OFFSET', 1), 6)
         return (depth, heading, anchor)
     def _make_lhref_link(self, match, fullmatch, rel, ns, target, label):