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mitar  committed 7a999a2

Made possible to enable additional plugins.

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File cmsplugin_markup_tracwiki/tracwiki.py

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 PLUGIN_EDIT_RE_PATTERN = ur'edit-plugin/(\d+)'
-components = [
     """A Django environment for Trac."""
     def __init__(self):
+        components = list(COMPONENTS)
+        components.extend(getattr(settings, 'CMS_MARKUP_TRAC_COMPONENTS', []))
         super(DjangoEnvironment, self).__init__(enable=components)
         for c in components:
 # TODO: Is markup object really reused or is it created (and DjangoEnvironment with it) again and again for each page display?
 # TODO: Do some caching between calls to _get_page, _get_file and _get_blog, if it is necessary (do they hit the database everytime?)
 # TODO: Support InterWiki prefixes
+# TODO: Some Trac plugins also provide CSS, JS and other files in their htdocs directories - how to make Django include those?
 class Markup(markup_plugins.MarkupBase):
     name = 'Trac wiki'