D i s k    A R c h i v e

dar is a shell command, that makes backup of a directory tree and files.
It has been tested under Linux, Windows (95, 2000, NT, XP), OpenSolaris,
FreeBSD and NetBSD, it has been reported as working under Mac OS X 10.3
(where it takes care of file forks but not of the ACL).

External GUI are possible and exist thanks to the libdar library and its API,
which is contained in within this source package.

Actually dar is a set of six commands over libdar library:
        dar_static (statically linked version of dar, not all system
	            support static linking)

This library is part of dar and licensed under the GNU General
Public License (GPL in the following) like all the source code of the Dar
suite programs. This imply that you can link libdar to your programs at
the condition that your programs are also covered by the GPL too, which says
in particular that you must provide source code of your program. See
COPYING file for details.

For the documentation, see doc/README

see INSTALL file