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devpi: PyPI server and packaging/testing/release tool

devpi is a meta package installing two other packages:

  • devpi-server: for serving a consistent caching index as well as local github-style overlay indexes.
  • devpi-client: command line tool with sub commands for creating users, using indexes, uploading to and installing from indexes, as well as a "test" command for invoking tox.

For getting started see

Holger Krekel, October 2013

Recent activity


pombredanne pushed 117 commits to pombredanne/devpi

177f0e3 - test can't pass on py26 because of missing package __main__ support
6038302 - add sebastian rahlf as contributor and complete the fix issue71.
0f98aa4 - Merged in basti/devpi (pull request #19)
86a078b - Enable test command to use version specifiers, ie. "devpi test my-pkg==0.3.1" (closes #71).
1350f48 - fix issue66 - API endpoints are served using outside url if given.
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