Django Dirbrowser

Django app for browse a local server direcotry.

This app is user to give acces to a local directory and still using django auth, django templates and django middleware.

Requires django version 1.3 or greater.



  1. Install or add django-dirbrowser to your Python path.

    pip install django-dirbrowser

or with wasy_intall

easy_install django-dirbrowser


  1. Add dirbrowser to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.

  2. Add dirbrowse serve to your project's file:

    from dirbrowser.views import serve
    (r'^browse/(?P<path>.*)$', serve, {'document_root': CURRENT_DIR}),
  3. Or personalize it on your own views:

    from dirbrowser.views import serve
    def mybrowser(reques, path):
        extra_context = {.. some extra vars ..}
        return serve(request, document_root='path_to_my_root_dir',

The serve view accepts the parameters:

  • document_root : Path to the root directory to serve
  • template : Template used to show index page (if show_indexes is True)
  • extra_context : Extra context to the template
  • show_indexes : if True show the directory index page. Default is False