Luke Plant avatar Luke Plant committed 8c58461

Added ability to specify custom class for filter

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     def setup_filters(self):
         filters = []
         for i, f in enumerate(self.get_fields()):
+            klass = None
             if isinstance(f, basestring):
                 opts = {}
                 field_name = f
                 opts = f[1]
                 field_name = f[0]
-            klass = self.get_filter_for_field(field_name)
+                if len(f) > 2:
+                    klass = f[2]
+            if klass is None:
+                klass = self.get_filter_for_field(field_name)
             filters.append(klass(field_name, self.model, self.params, **opts))
         return filters


         self.assertEqual(DateTimeFilter, type(fs.filters[4]))
         self.assertEqual(NumericRangeFilter, type(fs.filters[5]))
+    def test_specify_custom_filter(self):
+        class AuthorFilterSet(FilterSet):
+            fields = [
+                ('likes', {}, NumericRangeFilter)
+                ]
+        fs = AuthorFilterSet(Author.objects.all(), QueryDict(''))
+        self.assertEqual(NumericRangeFilter, type(fs.filters[0]))
 class TestFilters(TestCase):
     fixtures = ['django_easyfilters_tests']
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