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Adding forgotten bits

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 8ae23bbd6d5a4f6f66c2a31994dfbdce40838089 0.1.4a
 14c6ec83a704d599ea5c5a90ebcc694b37102453 0.1.5a
 abac1b1b32582f1bbca67b85fda2d9d1f5a49f8d 0.2a
+abac1b1b32582f1bbca67b85fda2d9d1f5a49f8d 0.2a
+0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0.2a

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 Django-monitor: CHANGE LOG
+Through the changesets from 18 to 23, we have introduced the following changes
+to Django-monitor.
+* BUGFIX: setup.py was not working thanks to some typos and syntax errors. Fixed.
+* The directory, ``docs/build`` contained documentation in html format.
+  Since we can build it any time using sphinx, it is removed from the
+  revision control. Now our package contains the documentation in
+  reStructuredText format only (within ``docs/source``).
+* When you create an instance of a model which in turn is a sub-class of
+  another non-abstract model, django creates a parent instance which stores
+  the data that belongs to the parent model. The child instance stores a
+  reference to it plus all additional data. Now django_monitor automatically
+  moderates such parent instances also.
+* Auto-deletion: When you delete a moderated model instance, corresponding
+  monitor entries also get deleted. This includes those monitor entries for
+  parent instances as well.
+* Though the project name is ``django_monitor``, our source directory was named
+  as `monitor` till 0.1.5. This may lead to failed dependencies for other apps
+  which depend on this. Now we have renamed the directory as `django_monitor`.

File django_monitor/__init__.py

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 __author__ = "Rajeesh Nair"
-__version__ = "0.1.5a"
+__version__ = "0.2a"
 __copyright__ = "Copyright (c) 2011 Rajeesh"
 __license__ = "BSD"