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django-projector is a project management application with task tracker and repository backend integration. Aimed to work with Django 1.2 or later. We are sick of Trac [1] and wanted to create simple application which can be easily customized or plugged into existing systems.


  • Task tracker with full history of changes
  • Mercurial repository integration
  • Repository web browser (basic... really)
  • Customizable workflow for each project
  • Grouping tasks in milestones
  • Roadmap
  • Granual permissions management
  • Documents based on restructuredText
  • Make use of django-richtemplates so templates are ready to use out of the box
  • Full project schema scripts (provided by Capo)
  • More to come


Here are some additional points which are the target for future release.

  • Wiki per project
  • Other version control systems in backend (git, subversion...)
  • Charts, statistics, graphs, plots, analyzies
  • Functional timeline
  • Email notification
  • django-piston integration for RESTful API


This application is at early-development stage but we strongly encourage you to give it a try if you are looking for project management toolkit for your Django based project. Still, it probably should NOT be used in production as it wasn't fully tested and may contain security issues.


See for information on installing django-projector. It is also available in docs directory at docs/installation.rst.


Online documentation for development version is available at

You may also build documentation for yourself - go into docs/ and run:

make html


django-projector is released under MIT license. You should get a copy of the license with source distribution, at the root location, within LICENSE file.

[1]Don't get us wrong, Trac is great tool but we believe that django's pluggable applications are far easier to configure and deploy.