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DJFacet / demoproject / mytemplates / djfacet / country / country_item.html

{# THIS IS A CUSTOMIZED VERSION OF <templates/djfacet/results/generic_item.html> #}

<!-- hidden fields useful to store data -->
<input type="hidden" id="active_ordering" value="default" />
<!-- end of hidden fields -->

<h1>Record: {{single_item}} 
	<span id="rec_num" style="display:none;">1</span>
	<small class="smalllinks">
		<a {% if single_item.prev %}href="?resulttype={{result_typeObj.uniquename}}&amp;item={{single_item.prev}}{{newurl_stub}}"{% endif %}>prev</a> |
		<a {% if single_item.next %}href="?resulttype={{result_typeObj.uniquename}}&amp;item={{single_item.next}}{{newurl_stub}}"{% endif %}>next</a> | 
		{% if single_item.fullrecord %}<a href="{{single_item.get_absolute_url}}">full record</a> |{% endif %}	
		<a title="Back to the results page" href="?resulttype={{result_typeObj.uniquename}}{{newurl_stub}}">search results</a>

<table class="simple headersX">
			<th scope="row">ID</th>
			<td>{{ single_item.id }}</td>
			<th scope="row">Name</th>
			<td>{{ single_item.name }}</td>
			<th scope="row">Population in 2000</th>
			<td>{{ single_item.pop2000|default:"Not available" }}</td>
			<th scope="row">Population in 2008</th>
			<td>{{ single_item.pop2008|default:"Not available" }}</td>
			<th scope="row">Within Region</th>
			<td>{{ single_item.inregion|default:"Not available" }}</td>
		{% for r in  single_item.religionincountry_set.all %}
				<th scope="row">Has Religion</th>
				<td>{{ r.religion.name }} : {{r.percentage}} %</td>
		{% endfor %}