#---------------------------------------------------------------------------- # fabkit # ------ # Fabkit is a collection of small snippets of code for use with Fabric # (http://fabfile.org) # # This is a (very) early release. # # Check back often, I'm pulling useful chunks from my various fabfiles to # stick in here every day! # # I have a bunch of cPanel related stuff that will come in soon, and I'm # working on buildbot and cloud servers stuff actively. # # Also, see my blog at http://www.websaucesoftware.com/blog # # I can be reached by e-mail at ssteinerX@gmail.com # # Homepage: http://bitbucket.org/ssteiner/fabkit/overview/ #----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Install with:

python setup.py develop

Check back often and update your copy by changing to the checkout directory and using:

hg pull

The 'develop' command will make sure you're using the checkout in your Python programs and updating often will make sure you're always up to date.

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