A small light web browser for Mac OS X based on webkit


  • Get Xcode from the App Store. Its deliciously free.
  • Clone this repository
  • Open the Kimono.xcodeproj in Xcode
  • Click the nice big run button at the top left hand side of the Xcode window
  • Wait a few seconds
  • You now have Kimono running


There are lots of things todo. Play around and see what needs to be implemented.

Heres a quick shortlist

  • Some sort of application icon. Would be great to have something cute.
  • Better icons. I was using the wonderful Glyphish Pro icon set, but I had to strip it from the repository to open source it
  • Open in new window/open in new tab
  • Tab switcher needs some keyboard bindings love
  • url bar is pretty dumb. Could use magic like autocomplete, search, etc
  • Save pages to the file system
  • Load pages from the file system
  • Slide toolbar over webview when mouse moves

Oh and don't forget to checkout the LICENSE file in the source code. All contributions are re-licensed under it to avoid dark armies of lawyers battling on our plain of existence. We prefer to keep them in lawyer-mordor.

First time rocking out with Webkit?

Read up on the Webkit Objective-C programming guide to get a good introduction into the Webkit Cocoa architecture. I sleep with mine under my pillow at all times.