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-    if sys.version_info[0] == 2 and sys.version_info[1] >= 5:
-        result.update({
-            "email.base64mime":         Alias("email.base64MIME"),
-            "email.charset":            Alias("email.Charset"),
-            "email.encoders":           Alias("email.Encoders"),
-            "email.errors":             Alias("email.Errors"),
-            "email.feedparser":         Alias("email.FeedParser"),
-            "email.generator":          Alias("email.Generator"),
-            "email.header":             Alias("email.Header"),
-            "email.iterators":          Alias("email.Iterators"),
-            "email.message":            Alias("email.Message"),
-            "email.parser":             Alias("email.Parser"),
-            "email.quoprimime":         Alias("email.quopriMIME"),
-            "email.utils":              Alias("email.Utils"),
-            "":         Alias("email.MIMEAudio"),
-            "email.mime.base":          Alias("email.MIMEBase"),
-            "email.mime.image":         Alias("email.MIMEImage"),
-            "email.mime.message":       Alias("email.MIMEMessage"),
-            "email.mime.multipart":     Alias("email.MIMEMultipart"),
-            "email.mime.nonmultipart":  Alias("email.MIMENonMultipart"),
-            "email.mime.text":          Alias("email.MIMEText"),
-        })
     if sys.version_info[:2] >= (2, 5):
         result["_elementtree"] = ["pyexpat"]
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