The pypes-imaging project provides a basic set of components for performing 
image processing within pypes. The functionality itself is achieved using 
the Python Imaging Library (PIL).

The basic operations provided by this package are:

    - Image Cropping
    - Image Flipping
    - Image Mirroring
    - Image Gray Scaling
    - Generating Thumbnails

The package also provides an Image Adapter and an Image Publisher for 
getting image data in/out of the system. The adapter converts incoming 
images to a format that pypes can utilize and the publisher provides simple 
writing of images to the local file system.

Supported output formats include:

    - PNG
    - JPEG
    - GIF
    - BMP
    - TIFF
    - EPS

To build the components, ensure you have PIL installed and then simply run the script provided by each component:

    $ python bdist_egg

This will create an egg file under dist/ in your working directory. This egg
can then be added to pypes by copying/moving it to the $PYPES/plugins where
$PYPES is the parent folder containing the pypes application.

If you haven't installed pypes, you can download it here: