1. pombredanne
  2. reviewanywhere


reviewanywhere / TODO

- Add a 'keep unread' checkbox
- Position the 'review' box either above or below the line being reviewed
  (above seems unintuituve, but good because you'll generally be reading down,
   not up... So putting the box above the line will probably hide the least
   amount of useful code)
- Close the review box with 'esc'
- Show reviews (sans textarea) when the 'comment' icon is moused over?
- Add some 'disable' option to the dropdown
- Should entire lines be clickable?
- Add user functions to generate the list of reviewable "things"
- Figure out how to reliably reference IDs (ie, "#{{id}}" doesn't work if the
  ID contains a '.', and I'm not sure if the current scheme, '[id={{id}}]'
  works for all valid IDs.
- Add the three lists:
 - Pending review
 - Waiting for feedback
 - Review completed
- Per-page reviews