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Luke Plant  committed 5be15fa

CSS changes to WYM iframe

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File semanticeditor/media/semanticeditor/wymeditor/iframe/default/wymiframe.css

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 ul, ol,
+table caption
     padding: 0 30px 1px; /* left margin is for the container symbol; right margin to look nice */
     position:relative; /* to establish containing block for ':before' elements */
 ul:after, ol:after, li:after,
+table caption:after
     position: absolute; /* take it out of the flow */
     left: 0; top: 1em; /* 1em should be enough vertical space for the :before style marker */
 h6:after {content:'h6';}
 ul:after {content:'unordered list';}
 h6:after {content:'h6';}
+table:after {content:'table';}
+table caption:after {content:'caption';}
-/* inline semantic elements */
+/* inline semantic elements - this doesn't work in FF <= 3.6.13, but it's not essential */
 em, strong  {position: relative;}   /* for :after elements */
 em:hover:after   {content: "emphasis";}
 ul:before, ol:before, li:before,
+table caption:before
     display: block;
     content: "\00a0";   /* puts a non-breaking space in it, so it always takes space */
 blockquote	{font-weight: light; color: #666;} /* not actually used yet, but we should */
+/* tables */
+table { background: #cc6633; }
+th { background: #F5D29A; }
+td { background: white;padding: 2px 5px; }
 /* visual feedback for non-valid nesting of elements*/
   h1 h1, h1 h2, h1 h3, h1 h4, h1 h5, h1 h6, h1 p, h1 pre, h1 address,