Matt Chaput committed 3b771b3

Added better error reporting of schema pickling errors.

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         for num in __version__[:3]:
-        stream.write_string(pickle.dumps(schema, -1))
+        try:
+            stream.write_string(pickle.dumps(schema, -1))
+        except pickle.PicklingError:
+            # Try to narrow down the error to a single field
+            for fieldname, field in schema.items():
+                try:
+                    pickle.dumps(field)
+                except pickle.PicklingError:
+                    e = sys.exc_info()[1]
+                    raise pickle.PicklingError("%s %s=%r" % (e, fieldname, field))
+            # Otherwise, re-raise the original exception
+            raise
         stream.write_int(0)  # Unused
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