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      the format given in :confval:`today_fmt`.
    The default is no :confval:`today` and a :confval:`today_fmt` of ``'%B %d,
-   %Y'`` (or, if translation is enabled with :confval:`language`, am equivalent
+   %Y'`` (or, if translation is enabled with :confval:`language`, an equivalent
    %format for the selected locale).
 .. confval:: highlight_language


         allopts = set(opt[0] for opt in opts)
         srcdir = confdir = path.abspath(args[0])
         if not path.isdir(srcdir):
-            print >>sys.stderr, 'Error: Cannot find source directory.'
+            print >>sys.stderr, 'Error: Cannot find source directory `%s'.' % (
+                                srcdir,)
             return 1
         if not path.isfile(path.join(srcdir, '')) and \
                '-c' not in allopts and '-C' not in allopts:


 def text_visit_graphviz(self, node):
     if 'alt' in node.attributes:
         self.add_text(_('[graph: %s]') % node['alt'])
-    self.add_text(_('[graph]'))
+    else:
+        self.add_text(_('[graph]'))
     raise nodes.SkipNode
 def man_visit_graphviz(self, node):
     if 'alt' in node.attributes:
-        self.body.append(_('[graph: %s]') % node['alt'] + '\n')
-    self.body.append(_('[graph]'))
+        self.body.append(_('[graph: %s]') % node['alt'])
+    else:
+        self.body.append(_('[graph]'))
     raise nodes.SkipNode