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Split long URLs gracefully at specific points

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         raise nodes.SkipNode
     def visit_reference(self, node):
+        self.visiting_reference = True
         uri = node.get('refuri', '')
         if not uri and node.get('refid'):
             uri = '%' + self.curfilestack[-1] + '#' + node['refid']
     def escape_uri(self, text):
-        # allow to break the hyper link
-        return self.encode_uri(text).replace('/', '/\\-').replace('&', '&\\-').replace('\\textbackslash{}\\', '\\')
+        # URL for humans and printable pages. Allow URL to break gracefully at specific points
+        return self.encode_uri(text)\
+            .replace('/', '/\\-')\
+            .replace('&', '&\\-')\
+            .replace('+', '+\\-')\
+            .replace('\\textbackslash{}\\', '\\')\
+            .replace('~', '\\textasciitilde{}')
     def visit_Text(self, node):
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