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  1. mutluyum

Hello portix,

here are some bug fixes.

  • The first two commits fixing issue #300. I thought it makes sense, to check in domain_get_tld for a leading point in the given url. Otherwise we have to before calling this function.

  • In the function view_remove were the commands in a wrong order. So, the last tab hasn't been added to the history and were not checked whether it is protected or not (third commit). As far as I know there hasn't been a issue regarding this behaviour.

  • When opening a new tab and we are already in a blank tab, the uri will be opened in the current tab (fourth commit)

  • The sixth commit adds support for ipv6 localhost addresses and localhost addresses with a backslash (e. g. localhost/joomla)

  • The following two commits are based on issue #334. If in normal mode, cursor is not shown anymore and if switching to insert mode the previous active input field will get activated again. Insert mode is looking automatically for a input field now. If there isn't any insert mode will be canceled.

  • The 11th commit fixes issue #352

I hope you will merge this pull request. If there is any behaviour or error in the new code, please let me know and i will fix it.

Best regards, mutluyum

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