This is a book with novel research in general topology started by Victor Porton.

The book can be used by researchers or for teaching college students.

You can read this book, or send your modifications because the book is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Just press "fork" in the sidebar and do your changes in the LaTeX source: error correction, adding more theorems and definitions, generalizing existing theorems, and other changes.

You may also look into the following rough partial drafts which are distributed together with the book: addons.pdf, volume-2.pdf, and ideas.pdf.

See also the homepage of the book and the blog.


The following PDF files are created by the command make by default:

  • volume-1.pdf - the book (known as "volume 1"), ready to read. This volume is meant to be accessible to a student which knows ZFC only.

The following PDF files are also created by the command make all:

  • addons.pdf (rough draft) - future addons for the book volume 1, which are yet not enough ripe to be included into the book.
  • volume-2.pdf (rough partial draft) - "volume 2" of the book. It is meant to contain materials which refer to more advanced prerequisites: category theory, classical pointfree topology, etc.
  • ideas.pdf - a list of short future research ideas


  • The master branch is the polished version of the book with errors checked.
  • The prerelease branch is a newer but not so polished version of the book believed to be mostly correct.
  • The devel branch is the "development" version of the book which is in process of rewriting and may contain errors or incompatible notations.