Lupin Vs Superman Tamil Dubbed Movie Torrent

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Lupin Vs. Superman Tamil Dubbed Movie Torrent


Foo When the iconic American hero Superman appears in the New York sky, a bank robbery occurs nearby. Shockingly, Superman doesn't do anything about it, which leads resident NY Inspector McCleed to suspect a visiting Arsène Lupin III is behind the robbery (along with a visiting Inspector Zenigata). Lupin finds the notion of using Superman as a shield offensively ridiculous, though, and launches his own investigation into the robbery. He discovers that a chain of robberies have taken place in a circular pattern, all centering on a small supermarket. Now, a showdown between Superman, Lupinman, and Fujikowoman is imminent. A clash of titans occurs in New York City between Supeman, the world's greatest hero... and Arsène Lupin III, the world's greatest thief.


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