BrowseEmAll.Gecko is a .NET Winforms control for the Firefox browser or more precisely for the rendering engine (Gecko) and JavaScript engine (Spidermonkey).

This project supports embedding and controlling of the Firefox browser into any .NET application.

Getting started

To integrate BrowseEmAll.Gecko into your application simply follow the below steps:

  • Download the latest build of BrowseEmAll.Gecko at the Downloads section
  • Download the necessary Firefox build from Mozilla (Make sure that the Firefox version matches the BrowseEmAll.Gecko.Core version)
  • Add a reference for BrowseEmAll.Gecko.Core.dll and BrowseEmAll.Gecko.Winforms.dll to your .NET project
  • Extract the Firefox build to any location you choose. If your application is running in 64bit mode a 64bit build of Firefox is required!
  • Initialize Firefox at the start of your application with
  • Create a new GeckoWebBrowser and add it to your UI
var browser = new GeckoWebBrowser();
// Add browser to your UI somehow
// panel.Controls.Add(browser);

You can find a full example in BrowseEmAll.Gecko.Test in this repository.

Differences to GeckoFx

This project is based on the work done for GeckoFx but aims to work with a normal release build of Firefox. Because if this it offers less functionality than the original GeckoFx control, especially in regards to JavaScript execution.

Important Methods / Events

The most used methods are:

  • Navigate(string url)
  • GoBack()
  • GoForward()
  • Stop()
  • Reload()
  • ExecuteJavaScript(string javascript)
  • TakePNGScreenshot()

The most used events are:

  • Navigated
  • DocumentComplete
  • StatusTextChanged
  • DocumentTitleChanged
  • NSSError


This project is licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version.