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bug fix FileUtils.createOutputStream(), now correctly calling createDirectoriesForFile()

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      * Creates an {@link OutputStream} for the given file. If the file extension
      * ends with ".gz" the stream is automatically wrapped in a
-     * {@link GZIPOutputStream} as well.
+     * {@link GZIPOutputStream} as well. Also attempts to create any
+     * intermediate directories for the file using
+     * {@link #createDirectoriesForFile(File)}.
      * @param file
      *            output file
         if (file == null) {
             throw new IllegalArgumentException("file can't be null");
-        createDirectories(file);
+        createDirectoriesForFile(file);
         OutputStream stream = new FileOutputStream(file);
         if (file.getName().toLowerCase().endsWith(".gz")) {
             stream = new GZIPOutputStream(stream);
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