Audio utils not working (for me)

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Mauricio Jabur
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I'm using toxic libs 0020 on Processing 1.5.1 I have a windows 7 x64 and a windows xp 32 machine.

Trying to run HelloAudioWorld or any other example

On both machines, even after installing oalinst I get the following error: UnsatisfiedLinkError: com.sun.gluegen.runtime.WindowsDynamicLinkerImpl.LoadLibraryW(Ljava/lang/String;)J at at at at at at at Exception in thread "Animation Thread" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: com.sun.gluegen.runtime.WindowsDynamicLinkerImpl.LoadLibraryW(Ljava/lang/String;)J at com.sun.gluegen.runtime.WindowsDynamicLinkerImpl.LoadLibraryW(Native Method) at com.sun.gluegen.runtime.WindowsDynamicLinkerImpl.openLibrary( at at$DynamicLookup.dynamicLookupFunction( at com.sun.gluegen.runtime.ProcAddressHelper.resetProcAddressTable( at at at Source) at Source) at HelloAudioWorld.setup( at processing.core.PApplet.handleDraw(Unknown Source) at Source) at

the highlighted line on the sketch is audioSys.init();

I tried looking on the internet but got nowhere. I also tried to copy the DLLs generated by oalinst to the library folder, to the java bin folder and it did not fix the problem.

Can you help me please?

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