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Issue #44 invalid

Textured Globe displayed blue only

Anonymous created an issue

I am trying to get texturedMesh working. My own example exports correct as OBJ (with UVs and texture). But when rendering in Processing it only displays the main color of the texture.

The same happens with your new TexturedGlobe example: http://hg.postspectacular.com/toxiclibs/src/f88706b73669/examples/core/mesh/TexturedGlobe/TexturedGlobe.pde?at=spatialphysics Here the texture is not mapped on the globe right. The sphere is colored in water blue.

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  1. Karsten Schmidt repo owner

    Hiya, texturedMesh() should be generally working provided the mesh has UV coordinates attached. However that TexturedGlobe example in only in the repository and doesn't work with the 0020 release. That's because the SurfaceMeshBuilder class only got UV support after that release...

    You can either use Eclipse to build the latest version yourself or grab an earlier "beta" incl. examples from the threads below:



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