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2010-07-12  Karsten Schmidt  <>

	* src.p5/toxi/processing/
	adding support for Readonly vectors
	[0be0f428d14c] <toxiclibs>

	* src.p5/toxi/processing/
	adding origin() and polygon2D() methods, adding javadocs and minor
	refactoring of processVertices2D/3D methods to support open/closed
	[52ad597daf85] <toxiclibs>

2010-04-27  Karsten Schmidt  <>

	* src.p5/toxi/processing/
	adding texturedMesh() method to support new UV coords feature of
	[4589dc31e384] <toxiclibs>

2010-04-16  Karsten Schmidt  <>

	* src.p5/toxi/processing/
	another tweak to list generics for lineStrip2D()
	[f642148c61ef] <toxiclibs>

	* src.p5/toxi/processing/
	adding line() versions taking only 2 vectors instead of Line2D/3D
	[dceb60f9028a] <toxiclibs>

2010-04-12  Karsten Schmidt  <>

	* src.p5/toxi/processing/
	updating generics for lineStrip & pointList methods to support
	Vec2D/3D sub-types
	[2ac580ab925b] <toxiclibs>

2010-04-06  Karsten Schmidt  <>

	* src.p5/toxi/processing/
	downstream changes to cone class updates
	[76c64461fe36] <toxiclibs>

	* src.p5/toxi/processing/
	minor fix in mesh(), normal length param now used properly
	[412ea3789600] <toxiclibs>

	* src.p5/toxi/processing/
	updating generics for list drawing ops (now supporting Vec2D/3D
	derrived classes too, e.g. VerletParticles)
	[b7e40d209c35] <toxiclibs>

2010-03-19  Karsten Schmidt  <>

	* ant/build_p5.xml, examples/p5/GeometryInStyle/GeometryInStyle.pde,
	adding more methods to P5 wrappers, adding GeometryInStyle demo,
	updating library package name in build_p5.xml
	[b410f38c5dfc] <toxiclibs>

2010-03-18  Karsten Schmidt  <>

	* .classpath, src.p5/toxi/processing/
	adding src.p5 folder providing wrappers to allow direct use of
	toxi.geom datatypes from Processing, updating eclipse classpath
	[bb2a49d50cda] <toxiclibs>