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2010-05-11  Karsten Schmidt  <>

	adding package with CSVParser and helper classes for
	event based parsing and associative field access
	[c866309edcf3] <toxiclibs>

2010-04-16  Karsten Schmidt  <>

	fixing namespace setting in author annotation, removing obsolete
	javadoc tags in EntityStripper
	[1bba1ae3fbe6] <toxiclibs>

2010-04-15  Karsten Schmidt  <>

	src.test/toxi/test/data/, test/flickr.atom,
	adding enclosure support for Atom & RSS, updating Iso8601DateAdapter
	to better handle time zones, adding categories for RSS items,
	updating unit tests
	[b7c9f754a00e] <toxiclibs>

2009-11-23  Karsten Schmidt  <>

	adding static newFromStream() & newFromURL() methods to both
	AtomFeed and RSSFeed, updating date annotations
	[699716139c0e] <toxiclibs>

2009-07-27  Karsten Schmidt  <>

	adding Iso8601DateAdapter (still has issues with timezone offsets)
	used for AtomEntry, minor formatting changes to other classes in
	this package
	[e63007fa5c11] <toxiclibs>

2009-07-17  Karsten Schmidt  <>

	src.test/toxi/test/data/, test/testatom.xml:
	adding atom feed parser and initial unit test
	[3e3aae393ce2] <toxiclibs>

2009-07-15  Karsten Schmidt  <>

	* .classpath,,,,,
	src.test/toxi/test/data/, test/rss-2_0.xsd,
	adding Rfc822 date adapter and html entity stripper (from MindProd).
	added simple RSS unit test and test feed & RSS2 XSD
	[72d483510942] <toxiclibs>

	* .classpath, ant/build_data.xml, readme1st/audio/README.txt,
	readme1st/color/README.txt, readme1st/core/README.txt,
	readme1st/data/README.txt, readme1st/image/README.txt,
	readme1st/physics/README.txt, readme1st/volume/README.txt,
	adding package, folder structure & build files for remote
	data (feed) parsing. also updating (c) info in all README's
	[b2ec9c3bb6a3] <toxiclibs>