mtrack / config.ini.sample

; vim:ts=2:sw=2:et:ft=dosini:
; This file is parsed subject to the following rules:
; Unquoted tokens on the right hand side of an equals sign that correspond to
; constants defined in PHP are replaced by the value of that constant.
; Values for the form ${name} are substituted with the value of the
; corresponding PHP configuration directive, or if none is found, the
; corresponding environmental variable value.
; Values of the form @{section:myname} are substituted with the value of the
; option defined in this configuration file (for example, the "myname" value
; in the "section" section).

; Core configuration options
vardir = @VARDIR@
dblocation = "@{core:vardir}/mtrac.db"
dsn = @DSN@
searchdb = "@{core:vardir}/search.db"
projectname = @PROJECT@
timezone = EST
; startpage = a wiki page (default Today), or /wiki.php which induces a redirect
; mimetype_detect = fileinfo or mimemagic or file - if empty will attempt to detect which one to use or bails
; projectlogo = image url to show in nav bar
; default.repo = name of default repo when constructing changeset links
; weburl = URL (including trailing slash) of canonical home of this instance.  used when sending notification email.
; default_email_domain = domain name to use for notification mail when the user is not present in the userinfo table
; includes = comma separated list of files to include; supports plugins
;debug.footer = 1
; Use .wiki to indicate a wiki filename as distinct from a wiki dir
; Fresh installs start in "admin party" mode, which means that any user
; accessing the system from the loopback ( or ::1) is treated as admin.
admin_party = true
admin_party_remote_address =,::1
; Which search engine to use. Lucene works out of the box, but Solr has
; better performance and higher quality results.
; MTrackSearchEngineLucene or MTrackSearchEngineSolr
;search_engine = MTrackSearchEngineLucene

; Whether the search engine is triggered via cron.
; if set to true, search index is updated as part of the modifying
; action, increasing overall latency for writes/updates.
; It is STRONGLY recommended that you leave this at false and use the
; cron job.
update_search_immediate = false

; If true, permit the creation and forking of per-user repositories
allow_user_repo_creation = true
; Where per-user repositories should be created (both git and hg)
basedir = "@{core:vardir}/repos"

; The SSH user@host which can be used to access repos. You must have configured
; SSH access as described in the mtrack SSH installation documentation
;serverurl = ""

; if the serverpathprefix is specified, the URLs will be advertised
; prefixed with ~@PROJECT@/ making multi-tenancy scm management with
; the same ssh user possible.
;serverpathprefix = "@PROJECT@"

; The URL over which users can clone, push, pull via HG.
; You need to configure this URL yourself using your choice of Mercurial server.
; This is ignored if you have set serverurl.
;hg.serverurl = ""
; The URL over which users can clone, push, pull via GIT.
; You need to configure this URL yourself using your choice of Git server.
; This is ignored if you have set serverurl.
;git.serverurl = ""

; How to find your Solr instance if you're using the Apache Solr search
; engine implementation (search_engine = MTrackSearchEngineLucene)
;url = "http://localhost:8983/solr"
; For multi-tenant support, specify a unique namespace string that will
; be prepended to all object identifiers in the Solr index for this instance.
; It will also be stored as a property on all indexed data.  This allows the
; same single Solr instance to serve multiple instances without bleeding
; data between them.  If you are not deploying multi-tenant, then you do not
; need to set this.
; If you set it, it must be a UUID specific to this instance.
;namespace = ""

default.classification = defect
default.severity = normal
default.priority = normal

; Should we use SMTP directly?
; Requires PHP with getmxrr functionality (not Windows on PHP < 5.3)
use_smtp = false
; If using SMTP, identifies a smart host via which mail will be routed.
; Otherwise, we'll try to lookup the MX records via DNS.
smtp_relay = ""
; If using SMTP, sets the envelope from
smtp_from = ""

; default icon set to return if there is no gravatar for the user.
; possible values are:
; wavatar - generated faces with differing features and backgrounds
; retro - awesome generated, 8-bit arcade-style pixelated faces
; monsterid - a generated 'monster' with different colors, faces, etc
; identicon - a geometric pattern based on an email hash
default = "retro"

; Defines some basic, reasonable, permission sets for 3 classes of user.
; These are used in addition to whatever is selected by auth plugins
anonymous = ReportViewer,BrowserViewer,WikiViewer,TimelineViewer,RoadmapViewer,TicketViewer
authenticated = ReportViewer,BrowserViewer,WikiCreator,TimelineViewer,RoadmapViewer,TicketCreator,UserViewer,SnippetCreator,BrowserForker
admin = ReportCreator,BrowserCreator,WikiCreator,TimelineViewer,RoadmapCreator,TicketCreator,EnumerationCreator,ComponentCreator,ProjectCreator,UserCreator,SnippetCreator,BrowserForker

; Explicitly place certain users in certain user classes.  This is used mainly
; to provide a means to indicate that particular users are classed as admins.
; The auth module group assignments are the recommended way to go for more
; powerful/flexible group/role assignment

; use the tools section to override the location of certain
; tools, in case you have multiples or in case they live outside
; of the standard locations
; hg = /usr/local/bin/hg
; svn = /opt/msys/3rdParty/bin/svn
; svnlook = /opt/msys/3rdParty/bin/svnlook
; php = /opt/msys/3rdParty/bin/php
; diff3 = /opt/msys/3rdParty/bin/diff3
; diff = /opt/msys/3rdParty/bin/diff

; If you want to turn off the wiki navigation link (does not disable the wiki,
; just hides the link), uncomment the following line (the empty right hand 
; side deletes the link keyed by the left hand side)
; /wiki.php =
; If you want to add in other links, you can do so by adding the link on the
; left hand side of the equals and the label on the right hand side

; MTrackAuth_HTTP = /Users/wez/Sites/svn.htgroup, /Users/wez/Sites/svn.htpasswd
; MTrackCommitCheck_NoEmptyLogMessage =
; MTrackCommitCheck_RequiresTimeReference =
; MTrackCaptcha_Recaptcha = public, private, userclasses
; MTrackAuth_OpenID =
; MTrackAuth_MTrack =