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 Go there, and run tumbler
+./tumbler serve
-All your static files (html, js, jpg, ...) are now available on [[http://localhost:9000/|localhost:9000]].
+All your static files (html, js, jpg, ...) are now available on [[http://localhost:10000/|localhost:10000]/<your relative path>].
 But most importantly, if one queries for a **something.js** (respectively **something.css**) file, tumbler will look for **** (respectively **something.less**)  file and will serve the result of its compilation.
+You may also define js bundles, that is a bunch of javascript that you need to import together.
+The bundle files should have the form : filename.js.bundle and should contain the relative path of all the js file to include.
+When the browser fetches filename.js, tumbler's response will differ depending on its mode:
+   -  tumbler serve -m debug
+      All the files will be included as script tag in the dom.
+      This makes debugging easier as the 
+   -  tumbler serve -m concat
+      The server will serve a big file, concatenation of all the other files.
+   -  tumbler serve -m release
+      The file are compressed and optimized using uglified js.
 Try tumbler --help for more options.