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 ==, what is it? ==
-**** is just a very simple server for CoffeeScript/Less development
+**** is just a very simple static file server for CoffeeScript/Less development
 written in CoffeeScript.
 To run it, you need to have:
+== How to use? ==
+Now let's say you have the static files, of your project in //~/my_project/static//.
+Download **[[|]]** in this very directory.
-== How to use? ==
+mycomputer:~ static$ wget
-Now let's say you have a bunch of static files, .less and .coffee.
-Let's say all in //~/my_project/static//.
-Download **[[|]]** in this directory and run from this very same directory.
+You now just have to run, from this directory via :
-Your static files are now available on [[http://localhost:9000/|http://localhost:9000/]].
-For instance, you could check for [[http://localhost:9000/tumbler.js|http://localhost:9000/tumbler.js]]
+All your static files (html, js, jpg, ...) are now available on [[http://localhost:9000/|localhost:9000]].
+But most importantly, if one queries for a **something.js** (respectively **something.css**) file, tumbler will look for **** (respectively **something.less**)  file and will serve the result of its compilation.
+For instance, you could check for [[http://localhost:9000/tumbler.js|localhost:9000/tumbler.js]] to get the compiled source for
+(Obviously js files which do not require any compilation, for instance your **jquery-min.js** 
+file, will be serve in a straightforward way)