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ppannuto  committed 0b03a13

I am very bad at mercurial, apologies for the ugly history

If I had any idea how to cherry-pick my original patch from
January and apply it to the current mainline and update this
``correctly'', I would do so, but I am simply not good enough
at hg; sorry.

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 class ClayLexer(RegexLexer):
-    For `Clay <http://claylabs.com/clay/>`_source.
+    For `Clay <http://claylabs.com/clay/>`_ source.
     *New in Pygments 1.7.*
     filenames = ['*.clay']
     aliases = ['clay']
     mimetypes = ['text/x-clay']
     tokens = {
         'root': [
             (r'\s', Text),